freedom celebrant

About me

You would probably like to know a little more about me before clicking that contact me button.

I get very excited about love, engagements, weddings, marriages, babies, new puppies, I am just rather excitable. I am a sucker for love, and all things happy because that is want you need when life gets sad and difficult at times.

I love tea. You can’t beat a good cuppa, but a good beer or wine doesn't go a miss.

Italian food is favourite and I can eat about a kilo of spaghetti before I need to stop!

I run, slowly but I do run.

Of course I love reading, Harry Potter being my happy go to books,  but I love watching TV too, Neighbours (yes its still going), Queer Eye, OITNB,  Big Bang, and I am a die hard Friends fan, favourite films include, ELF, Bridesmaids and UP.

I am totally obsessed with my dog, he is my little shadow We do agility together which is good for him and really works my brain hard. Also I love watching him sleep. We have a cat too who is so chatty, I can often be found talking to the cat about everything and anything.

I am based in the West Midlands, Cradley being my home, so I will conduct ceremonies in and around this area. However, if you do want to use me but you're going to hot paradise, my arm may be twisted to travel.