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Adoption ceremony

You've made it through the gruellingly emotional process of adoption, which is no mean feat. Your family is now bigger, full of more love and big changes. 

Choosing a celebrant

Going through the adoption process is hard, every aspect of your life scrutinised and now it the time to sit back and relax (if only). Like with all my ceremonies we'll meet first to talk about what you may like to include, and what I can do to make this a truly special day.

Booking a Celebrant

If you want to book me a deposit will be required to hold the date, once this has been received I will start to create your ceremony which I will deliver on the day. 

The ceremony

It's time to start enjoying your new family, it can be as casual as you like, formal as you'd like and can be performed anywhere (permission may be required for private land) we can have fun while making a special memory. It can be a relaxed BBQ in the garden with family and friends, celebrating new life.

Supporting adults, commonly known as Godparents can be included, a naming ceremony is all about a commitment of love to the new addition in your world. 


I will create and perform your ceremony on the day of your choosing, my fee starts at £180 for these Ceremonies.