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Healing and Divorce Ceremony

I very much do believe in love but sometimes life changes and some things are not meant to be. Divorce is hard, you made a commitment to someone with the best intentions at the time and for whatever reason it didn't work.

A divorce ceremony isn't about hating on the other partner, it is about you. About forgiving yourself and accepting the change. If there are kids involved it can be a truly wonderful event to reassure them that they are still very loved, yes life is changing but love still lives here. It can be a celebration, it can be about moving forward with a new family dynamic. Self compassion helps you love others more.

Choosing a celebrant

I have been there, I found it a difficult time in my life, the purpose of a healing ceremony is to create something positive and loving when maybe that seems like an uphill struggle.  I can create something based on your circumstances, we can start new traditions, reset the order of balance to move forward. 

The ceremony

This can be anywhere (permission will be needed for private land), I will create you something wonderful, that maybe all about you, it may be all about a new family dynamic and a new commitment to the children, starting new traditions, remembering the happiness, learning from the past.


I will create and perform your ceremony, on the day of your choosing, my fee starts at £180 for these Ceremonies.