freedom celebrant

Additional Information

Will our wedding ceremony be a legal declaration?

No, independent Celebrants are different to registrars. A registry office wedding is bound by official statement, where as having a celebrant wedding is all about you.

Do you provide funerals?

Yes like all the other ceremonies I offer, it will be all about the celebration of that person's life. It is important to allow yourself to grieve and remember the life of your loved one. I have been trained in Funeral Celebrancy. You can contact me via the website or ask your appointed Funeral director to contact me.

Where can Celebrant led ceremonies be held?

Having a Celebrant create and provide your ceremony gives you the freedom to have your moment in a special place to you. You will need to get permissions from Private landowners and pay any fees required.  They can even be done in your back garden. 

Can you include religious script?

As an independent Celebrant I can include any religious script or symbolism that may be important to you in your ceremony.

Do your fee's cover all your costs?

My fees include script writing, performing the ceremony, meeting with you and travel to a certain extent. I am based in Halesowen, West Midlands, so for excess travel outside of the area this would be charged.