Vow renewal

Vow renewals can be a wonderful way to share your love story and can take place whenever you like. It doesn't have to be a big number of people, it maybe the wedding you never had at the time, whatever the reason I can create you something beautiful and all about your love.  

Choosing a celebrant

Contact me if you would like a no obligation meeting, this will last about an hour and is nothing to worry about, it's about getting you both as a couple, exploring ideas, and making sure we are the right fit for each other. 

The ceremony

The ceremony can be held anywhere (with the relevant persons permission, especially if you're using a field)

You may want something in your home, in the garden at sunset, it's all about what you want. 

I will create a ceremony around you. 


My fee for creating your vow renewal starts at £250, I will be spending time with you writing and delivering a perfect ceremony for you. Cost includes travel, all travel requirements in excess of my area, will be charged.